More Is Not The Goal

More Is Not The Goal

Posted by Holly Marchant on May 12th 2022

On occasion, a few people have expressed discouragement that they seem to need to take higher doses of supplements to get desired results.

Health Goals Stress & Trauma

Here's the truth, it's not about more is better; it’s about using a dose that you need to nourish and support your body to meet your personal health goals. Hopefully, it doesn't take higher doses, but if you need more and can afford more, giving your body what it needs to do what our human bodies are made to do--healing and repair, this can help you get to your health goals. And for some, it's about managing situations you find yourself in from long years of damage, trauma, stress, etc.

Eating badly most of our lives, genetic disposition, trauma, stress, environmental toxins, stress signals, and so forth, create nutrient deficits in our bodies and drain our vital organs and glands. If we don't replenish to meet all the demands and stressors, then Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher says, our bodies will suffer.

Goal Is Not More More More

Please remember, it's a choice to do higher doses, and we hope all of you don't need higher doses, the issue is whatever your body needs in the amount you choose to take. The goal is not more, more, more, but many of you have the goal of getting to some level of a healthier version of you, and for some people that will require higher doses, for some, it will be moderate doses, and if you're a really blessed person with better genetics, lower doses. You know your background and the life you've lived, your genetics, your traumas, and stresses.

Don't Lose As Much Ground

As Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher has said, if you can't afford more, then take what you can so you don't lose as much ground. Taking some is better than none, and of course he is referring to taking high-quality supplements. If you aren't noticing negative results, and you feel the same, take what you can. Maybe in time, financially, you will find a way to be able to take and up the formulas to optimal levels for your situation.

Premium Nutrition & RSN

We love the Premium Nutrition and Rex Smith Nutrition line of supplements because we believe they change lives and help people. We hope you find them helpful in meeting your health goals, and that they are a part of improving your life.

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