M1 Selenium (Single Bottle)

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High-Potency Selenium for Immune & Antioxidant Support:

Trace minerals are essential minerals our bodies require in small amounts, which are nonetheless very important for a wide range of functions. Selenium is a trace mineral necessary for normal glutathione (considered the "master antioxidant"), immune and thyroid function.

High-Potency Selenium from Solaray features 200mcg per capsule, from organically bound selenium yeast, for natural antioxidant support.

About this Selenium supplement:

As an antioxidant, selenium may help protect your cells and tissues by neutralizing free-radicals, which are created by everyday exposure to various toxins, irritants, electromagnetic radiation and stress. Unchecked free-radical damage may contribute to aging, inflammation and many unwanted symptoms or conditions later on.

This supplement features natural, organically bound selenium yeast, not synthetic selenium, so the body can more readily utilize it for optimal antioxidant support.

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