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Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

  • Assists in maintaining a healthy nervous system
  • Aids in maintenance of healthy iron levels
  • Helps to sustain healthy energy levels

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

2 Reviews

Lidia Dec 10th 2018

Not an excellent product anymore – sorry to say

I am not sure what happened to this product. Ever since the New packaging occurred – the quality of the product when down in the dumps. Way way way down! I’m going to quit ordering it. I I normally would take 1-2 tabs per day and feel great.

But since the new packaging, – the product has not been working well. I’ve increased the dosage to six and seven tabs a day and cannot tell a difference in how I feel. That’s too bad. It was a really excellent product before it underwent this makeover!

Kay Oct 15th 2018

Mega 12

I have bought this product for years, it's one of the best B12 capsules you can buy, but I just noticed with the new packaging that it's not the same dosage as the old one. This is very disappointing.

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