CircuTone (Sir-Q-Tone)

CircuTone (Sir-Q-Tone)

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Sep 19th 2022

Premium Nutrition Cir
  • Nourishes and supports a healthy heart
  • Nourishes and supports the circulatory system
  • Supports blood flow, which means natural energy can follow
  • Suggested: Best to take in the morning, noon, and afternoon hours, stop 4 to 5 hours before your bedtime


CircuTone™ has amazing ingredients of the highest quality that Premium Nutrition can find. You may have heard of some of them before, like hawthorn berry, L-carnitine (preferred form L-tartrate), cordyceps & reishi mushrooms, resveratrol, bromelain, nattokinase, and more. See the label on the website or the bottle for a complete list of ingredients.

The doctor who formulated CircuTone™, says, when you have better blood flow, more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered better throughout the whole body. He said when areas in our bodies become less functional, that means those areas are getting less blood flow, which means less oxygen and nutrients to those areas.

He also said that CircuTone™ will enhance other Premium formulas that you take. When you take them together, you get the blood flowing, then other formulas can better reach the destinations they need to get to.

Premium Nutrition support formulas to take with CircuTone™ to help support the heart and circulation are LifeMag™ & MagPlus™ Magnesium, Golden E Complete™, Q Power™ CoQ10, and BioLife C™. Click Here > Heart Support

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