Rex Smith

rex-smith-1-300x406.pngRex Smith was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. During his university training, Rex began to search for answers beyond the medical industry. Throughout his childhood, he experienced many health challenges so the medical industry was a big part of his life. As a result, Rex began looking for healthy actions people could take to build a higher quality of life for the present and the future.

When Rex had the opportunity of managing two health food stores, doors opened to new information most people were unaware of. He discovered real solutions for health concerns and began coaching people in helping themselves and their children. Over the years, he has been privileged to assist over 11,000 people, which has proven to be a very fulfilling journey.

International Studies

Rex has studied directly with more than seventy different health specialists from around the world. Key parts of his training occurred in Switzerland with doctors, herbalists, and other international health specialists, including Dr. Alfred Vogel. Rex’s eyes were opened to new solutions and he gained an important understanding of root causes and early warnings the human body provides.

FOCUS on Nutrition

For more than thirty-three years, Rex has been the host of the FOCUS on Nutrition weekly radio program, which is currently available 24/7 by clicking here.

This program has provided real answers to thousands of people. The loyal core audience is the reason FOCUS on Nutrition continues to exist. Thank you to all of you who have tuned into the program (and thank you for telling others about it).

Rex's Mission

Most people fail to realize how great their lives can be with the nutritional building blocks available to them once they are applied regularly. Rex’s deepest purpose has always been to help people achieve a long, vital, and healthy life.