Tips From Rex Smith Cellphones & IPads

Tips From Rex Smith Cellphones & IPads

Posted by Holly Marchant on Apr 6th 2022

Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, gave some tips on protecting yourself from cellphones & iPad damage.


  • Together, use Premium Nutrition Stress Defense™, Premium Alive and Well™, and Premium Think Again™ during the day.
  • When talking on your cellphone, use the speakerphone and have the phone as far away from you as you can. Don’t put the phone up to your head if possible.
  • When not using your phone or iPad, Rex said to keep them a good distance from you or as far away as possible.
  • When your phone or iPad is not in use, he said to point the screens away from you; for example, if you put it on your desk, turn the screen pointing down on the desk, not pointing up or towards you.
  • If you put your phone in your pocket, which he doesn’t recommend doing, don’t do it near your heart, and again point the screen away from your body.
  • If at all possible, don’t have cellphones or iPads in the room when you are sleeping. If you have to, keep them far across the room, point the screen downward away from you, and turn off the Wi-Fi on the phone or iPad.
  • I personally found some of these tips helpful. It is a change of habit to turn my phone and iPad screen downward and away from me, but it’s starting to become a habit. I figure anything that simple to do that helps me is worth the effort to change. How about you?