Sight Power

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Provides the nutrition necessary to maintain healthy vision. More than just a vision formula it supports the entire body. The eyes are a storehouse of vital nutrients and when they are not available, the body will use these nutrients to make up for this lack and the eyes will suffer.

  • Helps maintain optimal vision throughout life
  • Supports balanced fluid pressure within the eyeball
  • Helps maintain clear lenses
  • Enables the retina to remain strong and healthy

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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2 Reviews

Lorraine Peck Oct 30th 2020

Sight Power

Sight Power and Vita Vision 700 are two of the most important capsules that I take every day, in addition to many of the others. I take 4 Sight Power in the morning and 2 Vita Vision 700 before bed. I would take more if I could afford them, but this works fine for now. I haven't had my prescription changed on my glasses for several years. I am 90 years old and have been taking many various capsules for about 20 years and will keep on doing so. Thank you for keeping us "healthy"!

Sean Bradley Dec 18th 2018

Very strengthening for the eye

I’ve been using Sight Power for over 15 years now and they are still working for me. I personally do good on 8/day, 4 in the morning and 4 in the evening. When I do that I can normally go in for an eye exam with no changes needed each year. If cost were not an issue I would take 12/day with additional notes benefit to my eyes. The capsules are not too big which makes it easier for some to swallow. If you tend to have dry eyes or eyes that water too much, one thing it did for me was to regulate my fluid level in my eyes. When I had dry eyes if I took enough sight power the dry eyes went away, no eye drops needed. This is a great product that can strengthen your eyes in many ways, I highly recommend it, (otherwise I wouldn’t keep using it for over 15 years.)

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