Chris Premium Support

Chris Premium Support

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Jun 7th 2022

Chris From Spokane, WA Said:

"After a serious car accident, all the joints and muscles in my body became so tight that I found it difficult to move. Before long it became so bad that I was confined to bed most of the time, and I had to go on partial disability.

I am very thankful that I discovered Premium Nutrition LifeMag™ Magnesium capsules and Premium Nutrition Vital B™ capsules. I had tried other magnesium supplements because I heard that it might help to relax my muscles, but they didn’t help.

Since I have been using LifeMag™ Magnesium capsules my neck and shoulders have loosened up, I am able to walk and I have been able to go back to work at the post office part-time.

I was also lacking in energy because of the pain and being bedridden and when I added Vital B™ along with these Premium Nutrition formulas, Zinc Plus™, Advanced Wellness™, Think Again™ and Inflasera™ capsules, and my energy started increasing to the point that I was able to start running again."

I love that feeding your body with good nutrition, in the form of Premium Nutrition Supplements made a huge difference in the life Chris after his accident. I hope all of your find good nutrition to help your body to do what it was made to do, renew and repair. Plugin the good nutrients and see what the body can do. Strengthen your body now, don't let your body get run down.

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