Emergency Iodide & Iodine

Emergency Iodide & Iodine

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Dec 3rd 2022

Looking For Emergency Iodide to have on hand? We carry this, but you must call to purchase by phone order, or onsite at the retail store.

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For everyday nourishing your thyroid with iodine, what does Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher use?

Premium Nutrition ThyroPrime™ - a great source of high-quality kelp, in the form of bladderwrack, in a balanced formula.

Premium Nutrition Stress Defense™ - another great source of high-quality kelp in the form of bladderwrack in a balanced formula.

Other Kelp To Nourish - Rex uses this single note kelp on top of the Premium formulas to make sure this single nutrient is balanced and useful to the body. He takes this single-note kelp only at the same time with the Premium ThyroPrime™ and or Premium Stress Defense™ making it more balanced because they synergistically work better together.

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