Flex Motion Nourish Muscles

Flex Motion Nourish Muscles

Posted by Holly Marchant on Jun 13th 2022

Dr. Berkowsky's Flex Energy™ has a new name, Flex Motion™, and you can be confident that Premium Nutrition has brought you the same fantastic muscle support.

Premium Nutrition Flex Motion™ supports healthy muscles, and remember, the heart is a muscle too; this nourishes the heart as well.


Flex Motion Supports

  • Supports endurance and stamina
  • Supports muscles all over the body - including the heart
  • Supports the body's mechanism for improving oxygen delivery to the muscles, resulting in reduced lactic acid buildup
  • Lactic acid is sometimes described as tired muscles, burning sensations, or soreness
  • May support pain relief

Balanced Well Designed Formula

Flex Motion™ is a wonderful complex formula with several ingredients, a few you might recognize are ashwagandha, nettle leaf, alfalfa, reishi mushroom, ginger, and more.See the label for the full list.

Who Can Take This

The good news is, that almost everyone can take Flex Motion™. Sedentary people can take this formula, or those doing everyday activities like housework, gardening, working at a desk, etc., or exercise and athletic levels of all kinds.

Majority Takes Daily

Athletic or enthusiastic exercise types often take this before, during, and after athletic events or exercise. Remember, though, the majority of people take it daily no matter what, while they are sitting, standing, laying down, working, or doing basic activities because they have muscle soreness and pain daily or just want to nourish their muscles, including the heart muscle all throughout the day.

Janice From Washington Says

I work in a grocery store and I have to pull the price sheets apart, and I was starting to feel pain and stiffness in my thumb. I started using Flex Motion™ capsules along with Deposit Free™ capsules and I have noticed more flexibility and less pain in my whole hand. They really make a difference.

Experiment With Flex Motion

Experiment with your amounts and Listen to Your Body. How many do you feel the best taking? You can take this with or without food.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.