Heart Flow Testimony Just In

Heart Flow Testimony Just In

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Mar 17th 2023

Premium Nutrition Heart Flow™, is helping more and more people, have you tried it yet? 

We were in a Healthy Way Team meeting yesterday, and I got to hear this amazing testimony from one of my teammates, Narissa, an employee of Healthy Way. It was so exciting I asked her if we could share it. She said YES!


Here Is Narissa's Heart Flow Testimony:

When I started working at Healthy Way, one of my biggest health concerns was my circulation. I had cold hands and feel almost constantly, and my legs would fall asleep after just a few minutes if I sat cross-legged. If I was in a colder room and wasn’t moving my fingers, my knuckles would even turn slightly blue. A fellow employee, Lynne, recommended Heart Flow to me as well as a few other products.

I started with Heart Flow, and after just a day or two of use I could tell a difference! My knuckles weren’t turning blue, my legs weren’t falling asleep when I sat on the sofa, and I began to be more aware of how my toes felt inside my shoes. After a few more days I had determined that Heart Flow was indeed making the difference. Heart Flow is the Premium Nutrition product I rely on the most, and it is essential if I don’t want to feel cold in my hands and feet all day. I’m so grateful to have a healthy product that helps me.

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