Homemade Electrolye Drink

Homemade Electrolye Drink

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on May 12th 2023

It is May 2023 here in the northwest right now, and it is hot. Some customers have asked about the electrolytes we recommend, and what kind of electrolyte drinks are good or bad. Here is a recap of a blog from last year, same good information for 2023.

Take your Premium Nutrition electrolyte nutrients daily, especially during hot weather, as needed.

TIP: Premium Nutrition Alive & Well™ isn't an electrolyte mineral but is loaded with trace minerals. When the weather is too hot or too cold, our body is under stress, this takes a toll on our endocrine system, especially our adrenal glands. Increasing your Alive & Well™ in weather extremes can help your body get through the stress your system is under during weather changes.


No Commercial Drinks

Don’t drink commercial electrolyte drinks. Most are loaded with sugar or artificial toxic sugars, dyes for coloring, and other chemicals.

Here is a recipe for a homemade electrolyte drink.1

1 ¾ cups of pure water or coconut water without added sugar
1/8 teaspoon healthy salt that has a lot of trace minerals, like Redmond Pink Real Salt
1/4 to 1/2 cup lemon or lime freshly squeezed, or mix them – half of each for lemon-lime
2 teaspoonsReally Raw Honeyor stevia/monk fruit to taste

Shake in a glass jar and drink as needed.

You can also try plain coconut water. Please get a high-quality brand with no sugar added. Coconut water is a nice source of potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium.

Coconut milk is a nice source of electrolyte minerals too. Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, recommends Native Forest Coconut Milk "Simple" version. Make a blender smoothy with some berries and things you want to add, and sprinkle in a little extra real salt.

Stay hydrated, everyone!

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