Inflasera Does The Body Good

Inflasera Does The Body Good

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Oct 12th 2023

Premium Nutrition Inflasera™is our best-selling herbal formula for powerful immune system balancing.* It nourishes and supports your joints, eyes, circulation, digestion, immune system, and more.*

Balanced Herbal Factors

Inflasera™ is a collection of balanced nutrients, herbal factors that have been used for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of years to help the body's immune system balance and operate in the way the body was meant to.*

No Single Turmeric

Many of us have heard about the benefits of turmeric, and many companies recommend and sell single-note turmeric products. Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, and the doctor who formulated Inflasera™, believe high-quality formulas are better, more uplifting, and balancing to the body than single-note products.

95% Active Ingredient

Inflasera™ has the highest quality turmeric Premium can find, with 95% of the active ingredient curcumin balanced with other ingredients to make it uplifting to our bodies. Instead of using turmeric alone, use Inflasera™ instead, and your body will say thank you.

Inflasera™ nourishes and provides nutrients to our body to better cope with stress inside our system.*

Sandy Edmonds, WA

Sandy had severe problems from a torn meniscus and the beginnings of something we can't mention. When her husband gave her Premium Nutrition Inflasera™, it removed the discomfort in her knees in three days and hasn’t returned. (WOW!) Her husband has now added Mega 530™ Glucosamine to further support her joints and overall body health.

Joint & Muscle Synergy

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Reference: Focus On Nutrition Radio Program Featuring Dr. Berkowsky