LifeCal Calcium 5 Highly Absorbable Forms

LifeCal Calcium 5 Highly Absorbable Forms

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Sep 9th 2022

Calcium is probably one of the most misunderstood electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that help regulate the body's fluid balance and enable the brain's electrical impulses. These include sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Bone Support Calcium

Each of these has specific functions as well. Calcium is well known for its ability to strengthen bones and teeth, and without calcium, we would die.

Constrict & Relax

For example, calcium causes the body to constrict, while magnesium causes it to relax. Imagine your heart is like a fist that is constantly clenching and relaxing as it beats. Calcium causes the clenching effect and magnesium causes it to relax. Both are necessary, or the heart would stop beating.


Five Different Types Of Calcium

Calcium is difficult to absorb. Premium Nutrition LifeCal™ Calcium capsules have the most absorbable forms of this mineral available. And not just one, but five different forms of calcium, 5 different chances for your body to absorb. These forms are difficult to access, and then they are “married” together to form a masterful recipe that is even more effective. This combination also contains Hydroxycal™ a unique form of microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, the building blocks from which bones are formed.

Strengthening Or Tightening

Since calcium causes the body to “constrict,” this effect can be useful in determining how much will be useful for each individual. Start with one capsule of LifeCal™ Calcium and then every day or two add one more until the body begins to feel the same or strengthened if you get to a point of “tightening” someplace in the body or constipated, then back off your dose.

This may result in tightness in places like the neck and shoulders, for example, less mobility in the joints, or less frequent bowel movements. In this case, simply reduce the number of capsules until things become normal. This is the most efficient way to determine your need for Premium LifeCal™ Calcium capsules.

Benefits Of LifeCal Calcium

People have seen benefits in their bone health, heart health, and stronger teeth, as well as improvements in hair, skin, and fingernails. These benefits will vary from person to person so see what Premium LifeCal™ Calcium can do for you.

Vitamin K-2 & Calcium

Vitamin K-2 MK-7 is a nutrient that tells the body to put the calcium to the right places in the body, like the bones, and teeth as an example, instead of the wrong places like arteries joints, kidneys, and so forth. This is on sale all September as well. Stock up now, it doesn't come on sale often.

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