Magnesium Zinc & Body Odor

Magnesium Zinc & Body Odor

Posted by H. Marchant on Jul 22nd 2022

TIP: Magnesium and zinc can help support the elimination of body odor. This is a bit of an awkward subject for some, but we all have to deal with these kinds of things. Try these nutrients and see if the issue gets a little better, and hopefully, for many, it gets a lot better.


Experiment Full Amount Needed

Twenty-plus years ago I read a book by Adelle Davis, a well-known nutritionist of the twentieth century, and she said, low magnesium can cause body odor. So, I set out to see if this was true. I experimented with as much Premium Nutrition Magnesium as my body needed. I told customers about this too, and many did experiments with magnesium for body odor.

Body Odor Gone Or Reduced

Well, I was very happy and surprised, taking more Premium Nutrition Magnesium kept the body odor at bay. If I took my proper dose of the Premium magnesium every day, I didn’t even have to wear deodorant. True story.

Works For Some People

Some customers who tried the experiment said it worked for them, and others said it helped some, but full disclosure it didn’t work for everyone.

Magnesium Toxin Removal

Magnesium has over 700 enzyme activities in the body and supports the toxin removal process in our bodies.

Interesting Fact: Just a side note, I read while researching this body odor issue, that half of our magnesium stores are in our bones. Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, always says the number one most important thing for bone health is magnesium. Since half of our magnesium is in our bones, this is more credible evidence of how important magnesium is to bone health. Take all the magnesium your body needs to support much more than eliminating body odor.

Zinc BO

Zinc & Body Odor Especially Foot Odor Eliminated

I also started to notice that for people with foot odor, when they started taking enough of the Premium Nutrition Zinc Plus™, the foot odor would go away or minimize greatly.

Zinc Helps Manage Toxins

According to an article by LiveStrong, zinc plays a role in managing the waste produced in your body after it digests carbohydrates. They didn’t link it only to foot odor either, so it seems wise in helping your whole body manage waste and odor issues, to be taking all the Premium Nutrition Magnesium and Zinc Plus™ you need on a daily basis for overall body support.

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