Mega 530 Joint Support

Mega 530 Joint Support

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Aug 11th 2023

Jerome S. Online Review

I have tried a few glucosamine products. They all say that it can take a couple of months to be fully in your system; for the most part that is true. I am very serious about my bones, joints, etc., so taking something that isn't a drug that long (to get it to work) is worth it if it works. I have had marginal success with one other kind the size of a horse pill... YUK!

(Note Of Clarification: For those concerned, Mega 530™ Glucosamine is not a horse-size capsule, Jerome was referring to another brand being a horse-size pill.)

Jerome Continues: It was winter, and I went outside, fell on the ice very hard, and did some real damage to my shoulder. I immediately went into the house and took a bunch of Mega 530 Glucosamine, Inflasara, and more Flex Motion. No, of course, it did NOT remove all the discomfort but brought it down to "very sore" within a 1/2 hour. With some ice and keeping immobile for an hour or two, I was down to "sore", took another Inflasara, and was able to sleep well—very big deal.

I was not foolish and tried not to use the arm for several days. I kept my Mega 530, Flex Motion, and Inflasara amounts going for two weeks or so till I could feel the significant healing that was taking place. After three weeks there was no real discomfort anymore, only when trying to be too active with the arm. I am very very blessed by God with the super healing machine of our bodies, and by Rex and Dr. B. with their absolutely fantastic nutrients that set the healing at a faster pace. THANK YOU!

Ed Online Review

Great help for joint maintenance for us and our canine friends.

Yes! Some of our customers give their pets Mega 530™ Glucosamine and take it themselves with many benefits.

Click Here for the Testimony of Sunny the Beloved Dog

Did you know Mega 530™ supports more than joints?

  • Mega 530™ supports and nourishes your joints like your knees, back, hips, shoulders, elbows, and more.
  • Mega 530™ supports cartilage all over the body, like in your joints, nose, ears, heart valves, and more.
  • Glucosamine supports a strong bone matrix.
  • Glucosamine supports autophagy.1Autophagy supports anti-aging.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines autophagy:

The biological process that involves the enzymatic breakdown of a cell's cytoplasm or cytoplasmic components (such as damaged or unneeded organelles or proteins) within the lysosomes of the same cell.

  • Mega 530™ supports keeping strong the outer walls of our red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body tissues, which is vital to life.

Mega 530 Glucosamine does a lot more than you think! Grab some of this superior glucosamine today!

1 Glucosamine activates autophagy in vitro and in vivo - PubMed (

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