Mountain Air & Brain Oxygen

Mountain Air & Brain Oxygen

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Nov 28th 2022

Oxygen is a critical nutrient to the body and brain.

2% Body Mass Uses 20% Oxygen

What organ of the body is 2% of our body mass and uses 20% of our oxygen supply? If you guessed the brain, you are correct.

Oxygen Helps Convert Glucose

The brain requires a lot of energy. Oxygen helps convert glucose to energy for the brain. Glucose is fuel for the brain, and oxygen is the engine that keeps the fuel going.

No other organ of the body is more dependent on oxygen than the brain to survive.

Oxygen Helps Support Tissue

The oxygen we breathe helps repair and regenerate our tissue. Especially brain tissue. This is making more and more sense why Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, recommends Premium Nutrition Mountain Air™, for example, to take at the same time as Premium Nutrition Think Again™, for the synergistic piggybacking effect to better support brain health.

Taking formulas together will make things more effective and targeted to a certain place in the body. In this case, targeting more nutrients to the brain.

Together Support Oxygen & Brain

What are some good synergistic nutrients to take to better support oxygen to the brain?

Think Again™ - the formula designed to get through the blood-brain barrier and reach the brain it was intended to nourish.

Mountain Air™ - a formula designed to help you breathe better and nourish and deliver more oxygen to the body.

Alive and Well™ - a formula that helps energy, strength, stamina, immune system, and more. When you have more energy, you can think more clearly.

MagPlus™ and LifeMag™ Magnesium - when your body needs magnesium and you choose absorbable forms, magnesium helps support your body in taking in more oxygen.

Inflasera™ - supports getting nutrients to support the brain when we pair it with targeted formulas.

Having enough oxygen getting to the brain can support memory and overall brain health. Have you tried the above combination of formulas together?

Reminder: Think Again™ and Alive and Well™ are best taken morning, midday, and afternoon. For best utilization, stop taking these 4 to 5 hours before your bedtime.

*DO take these formulas as needed throughout the day for the best memory, energy, and oxygen to support brain health.*

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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