NEW Steady Detox

NEW Steady Detox

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on May 27th 2023

Premium Nutrition Steady Detox, formerly known as Deposit Free Plus™, is the same exact formula with a brand new name.

Heavy Metals Toxins Bad Deposits

Heavy metals, toxins, and bad calcium exist in many of our foods, in our air, the soil, and all around us. Even good foods often have trace amounts of heavy metals. Over the years, many of us have accumulated toxins and things like deposits of bad calcium, for example, in our bodies. The good news is there are some ways we can help our bodies deal with these things on a daily basis.

Gently Daily Steadily

The body uses zinc and magnesium, for instance, to help keep the heavy metals moving out of the body. We at Healthy Way recommend you use the three formulas listed below daily if you need them, to help your body gently, steadily, and daily keep bad substances moving through and going out of the body safely.

Premium Nutrition Zinc Plus™- the most important nutrient for supporting the body safely removing heavy metals.

Premium Nutrition MagPlus™ and LifeMag™ Magnesium - another very important mineral for supporting heavy metal removal and other things like bad calcium deposit removal from the body.

Premium Nutrition Steady Detox- additional daily gentle detox support.

Do you need extra joint support?

Try This Joint Support Trio

Premium Inflasera
Rex Smith Nutrition Mega 530™ Glucosamine
Premium Steady Detox

Take all three formulas at the same time for the triple synergistic power.

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