No Chewables & Gummies

No Chewables & Gummies

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Jul 27th 2022

TIP: You can open the capsules of LifeMag™ Magnesium and LifeCal™ Calcium, put them in warm water, and drink them. Or you can add them to foods at the end of the cooking process. Plain minerals don't get destroyed at high heat.

Herbs & Vitamins More Heat Sensitive

Other Premium formulas with herbal ingredients and vitamins are more heat sensitive; try mixing those in cold or room temperature foods.

Smoothies & Applesauce

Smoothies and things like applesauce have been used by many adults and made for children who cannot swallow to get the excellent quality Premium Nutrition nutrients added into their lives.

Herbals More Tricky

The Premium Nutrition formulas with herbs, because of the taste, it's a little trickier, but I know many people who tell me they disguise it well in smoothies and other kinds of foods. You can get creative and see what you can do to get the best quality supplements down. Please don't settle for the inferior chewables and gummies that have so many downsides.

Rex Emphatically No Gummies Or Chewables

Someone asked us today if Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, knows of any chewable or gummy forms of magnesium for children that he recommends. Rex emphatically has said, he does NOT like any kind of the gummy products or chewables out on the market at all. Gummies and chewables are often mostly sugar or fake sugars and do not have absorbable quality ingredients.