Orange Carrot Evolution

Orange Carrot Evolution

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Feb 16th 2024

Carrot Origins:

  • Pre-orange: Originally, carrots came in various colors like purple, white, yellow, and red. These originated in areas like Afghanistan and the Mediterranean around the 10th century.
  • Early orange: Hints of orange carrots appear in Europe in the 15th/16th centuries, possibly due to the crossbreeding of white and yellow varieties.

Dutch Connection:

  • Popularization: While orange carrots existed before, the Dutch are heavily credited with breeding and popularizing them in the 16th-17th centuries.
  • Selection: Dutch farmers favored orange varieties, possibly due to their association with the Dutch royal family (The House of Orange) or the inherent appeal of the color.
  • Cultivation: Dutch expertise in agriculture helped spread orange carrots throughout Europe.


  • Stabilization: While orange carrots existed earlier, the stable and widely known "Long Orange" variety emerged closer to the 18thcentury in the Netherlands.
  • Modern versions: Further breeding and selection have led to the diverse orange carrot varieties we enjoy today.

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