Rex Smith Nutrient Concentrates

Rex Smith Nutrient Concentrates

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Jan 25th 2024

You might hear Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, using a new term these days for Premium Nutrition and Rex Smith Nutrition (RSN) supplements, calling them at times, "Nutrient Concentrates."

Nutrient Content

I've thought about this term and realized how absolutely fitting this is. For example, an all-herbal formula like Alive & Well™ or Nature's Wellness™ is loaded with nutrients. Each herb in these formulas is of the highest quality and is loaded with trace amounts of minerals, trace minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients; some herbs are prebiotics and more.

Single Notes Too

Even the more singular note formulas are nutrient-dense because Premium Nutrition and RSN have chosen the highest quality materials, making them very nutrient-concentrated.

Nutrient Concentrates - Blood Sugar Support

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