Salt Cravings

Salt Cravings

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Mar 24th 2023

Most of us have been taught or have heard that craving salt is BAD, like craving sugar. But actually, it might just be a good craving you should listen to.

Choose Healthy Salt

However, don't eat bad foods to get the salt you need, like chips and things of this nature. Use high-quality, healthy versions of salt that aren't processed with chemicals, and versions without sugars and toxic anticaking agents added, and so forth.

Listen To Your Body

According to the doctor who wrote the book, The Salt Fix, craving sodium is our body's built-in mechanism to warn us we need the essential nutrients of sodium and chloride.

Blood Similar To Ocean

Did you know our blood is similar to that of ocean water? We all know how salty the ocean is. We have a lot of sodium in our bodies. Are you getting all your body needs of these essential minerals, sodium, and chloride?

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