Testimonies On Melatonin & Probiotics

Testimonies On Melatonin & Probiotics

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Nov 25th 2023

YAY! Just in recently, two new customer testimonies! It's nice to hear things we recommend get results. At Healthy Way, we may use some additional brands on occasion when Premium Nutrition and Rex Smith Nutrition brands don't have it in the line. We aren't endorsing the other companies whole line of supplements, but certain supplements we will recommend from different supplement lines that we have tested, and the supplement has given consistent long-term results.

Carol S. Tacoma, WA

I've tried so many melatonin supplements, liquids, capsules, and more, and they all either didn't work or messed me up by making me groggy the next day. Holly from Healthy Way told me KAL Melatonin 1 mg was different, and I was very skeptical, but I've always really trusted the ladies at Healthy Way.

So I tried it and couldn't believe the difference! I take 4 of the 1 mg tablets every night. I don't get that groggy feeling the next day, and best of all, most nights, it actually helps put me to sleep. Thank You for all your testing and finding a melatonin that works!


Beverly F. Posted Online:

Kyo-Dophilus Fifty + is very helpful and works very well for me!

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