Wellness Power Immune Power

Wellness Power Immune Power

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Jun 19th 2022

Why you may be asking, would you want to take another herbal immune formula?

Immune Booster

Premium Nutrition Wellness Power™ was created to be like a burst of power to the immune system, a booster to what Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, calls the foundational 25-plus year best-selling twenty ingredient, Nature’s Wellness™ capsules.

Nature's Wellness Foundation

Rex said, that for most people Nature’s Wellness capsules are the foundation for the immune system, and for a lot of you, that plus many other Premium Nutrition formulas you take is serving you well. Things like Sunshine Plus™ D3, BioLife C™, Zinc Plus™, and more. But with increasing stresses going around, our immune systems are under assault on a regular basis on many fronts.


Born To Further Support

For this time in history, Wellness Power™ was born to help further support the immune system in these challenging times. We are also learning that a small percentage of people feel like their body liked more of the Wellness Power™ and have switched to it at a higher dose, plus a small dose of Nature's Wellness™ capsules, and some of you tell us you like taking equal amounts of both. Listen to Your Body and do what is best for you.

Goldenseal Root

A big part of this newer herbal formula is the Goldenseal root. Rex said most companies don’t use high-quality sources and unfortunately don’t use the best part of the plant, the roots. He said it makes all the difference what part of the plant is used and the quality of the source. Premium has secured the best quality to make this formula do what it’s designed to do.

No Single Notes

As always, Rex says, NEVER use Goldenseal root alone, never, ever he stressed. He knows single herbs do help some people at first, but over many years has learned that they often mess people up as time goes by in many ways. He advocates and believes that well-designed and made, balanced and uplifting blends are the best way to use herbs, not single-note herbs.

Andrographis The Other Echinacea

Another great immune herb in this formula that has been in the news a lot for the last few years is andrographis paniculate. Andrographis has been coined as “the other echinacea.”

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease.

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