Zinc Plus & Giant Ho Hos

Zinc Plus & Giant Ho Hos

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Feb 24th 2024

True Story - Giant Ho Ho Dreams

I was sadly a sugar addict and junk food addict (sugar, sugar, sugar) starting when I was in second grade. That changed around 28, thanks to Premium Nutrition, and fast forward, I'm now 58.

Rex Smith & Zinc Plus

Years ago, at age 26, maybe 27, I heard Rex Smith, a Nutrition Researcher, on the radio talking about sugar cravings and Premium Nutrition Zinc Plus. I then saw him at a store appearance in Jantzen Beach, Oregon, and started taking several Premium supplements.

Hope Living Free

Zinc Plus, LifeMag (MagPlus I added at some point and do best on), and Alive & Well were just a few of the Rex supplements I tried, but these helped me the most to get free of white sugar and processed junk food. It was truly like a miracle to me. I didn’t have any idea or hope I could live free of such cravings, but getting those nutrients allowed me to start changing how I ate quickly; in about a year, I fully stopped obsessing about sugar and processed junk foods. It was like a dream to me.

Dreams & Cravings

But a few weeks ago, I abruptly woke from a dream I was having about giant Hostess Ho Hos (hilarious!!!), and my mouth was watering when I woke up. I was like, WHAT IS GOING ON? It was so random since I haven’t even seen Ho Hos for years and years, but I quickly realized upon investigating I hadn’t had my Zinc Plus for over a week! It had fallen out of my bag of supplements that I make supplement packs from, and I didn’t notice.

No Time To Obsess

That day, I took a larger amount of Zinc Plus than I normally do with lunch and dinner. By the end of the day, my mood was in a really happy state (Zinc Plus helps moods, too), and I had absolutely no cravings or thoughts of sugar in my head anymore. Three weeks have passed, and I still feel balanced and free of sugar and Ho Ho cravings (lol)! Thanks, Premium. My life is better because of the quality supplements you provide. Seriously, I don’t have time to obsess over food.

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