Amazing BioLife C

Amazing BioLife C

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Jul 28th 2023

Vitamin C sometimes gets overlooked and thought of as a little ho-hum. Premium Nutrition BioLife C™ Multi-Complex is a masterfully designed formula that is anything but ho-hum!

Did you know? BioLife C™ has five kinds of buffered vitamin C. Many buffered vitamin C products on the market usually have only one bonding agent. The bonding agent is almost always a bad source of minerals, such as BAD cheap calcium.

What are the five kinds of buffered C in BioLife C?

Magnesium ascorbate
Calcium ascorbate
Potassium ascorbate
Zinc ascorbate
Ascorbyl Palmitate

This formula has the five different bonding agents listed above (and only the highest quality of these forms are used) which makes BioLife C™ more absorbable, balanced, and beneficial for a very large percentage of people. Your body will be able to utilize more of this C in a balanced and uplifting way.

Original Lipo C - Fat Soluble

Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, says ascorbyl palmitate vitamin C in BioLife C™ is the original lipo C, which means it is a fat-soluble vitamin C. It will store in the body if you don't need it when you take it, and the body will use it when needed later. Another great benefit of this form of fat-soluble C is its antioxidant benefits.

Used Two Ways

Most vitamin C goes quickly out of the body if you don't need it when you take it. BioLife C™ has the fat-soluble ascorbyl palmitate C that will store in the body if you don't need it. This formula uses this fat-soluble C in two different ways. First, it is used as one of the six bonding agents to buffer the C, and second, has more added as a stand-alone fat-soluble C in the formula for extra health support. What a well-designed, multi-layered nutrient-rich complex.

Full Potency Bioflavonoids

BioLife C™ also has FULL-Potency Bioflavonoids, lemon complex, HMC (high-quality hesperidin), and rutin. Bioflavonoids do many things in the body, including nourishing veins, joints, skin, gums, and other things we can't discuss. These bioflavonoids are good stuff and an important synergistic group of nutrients that work hand in hand with vitamin C, just like you find in nature in food.


Synergistic Like Food

Like you would find in nature in food, vitamin C and bioflavonoids often come together, and you find various other minerals in the food. In BioLife C™ as part of the design has extra minerals added like calcium, magnesium, and zinc included in this C formula. It all synergistically works together. It was formulated by the doctor purposefully to be food-like because C works better and is more balanced when taken with synergistic factors.

BioLife C Nourishes & Supports

  • Eyes/Vision
  • Adrenal Glands
  • White Blood Cells ~ Immune system
  • Liver
  • Helps the body make collagen protein
  • Supports veins, blood vessels, and smaller capillaries
  • Supports elasticity of the skin and tissue all over the body
  • Joints
  • Bones
  • Gum tissue and oral mouth health
  • Protects cells all over the body
  • Supports wound healing
  • Antioxidant, huge for the liver, according to Dr. Berkowsky, formulator
  • Supports urinary tract health

And so much more...If you want to research more, do a private online search. Type in Vitamin C benefits at

Lorraine Online Review

I call BioLife C a "miracle vitamin" as it does so much in my life. I take it throughout the day along with many of the other Healthy Way products, I very seldom ever get sick; maybe once a year, if that. So, praise God for this!

Shirleen Online Review

My husband and I have used this Vit C - BioLife C for over 10 years. My husband loves it for taking away aches and discomforts, and it helps with movement and with health!

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