Another Dynamic Duo

Another Dynamic Duo

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Jan 13th 2023

Let's face it, most of us want our metabolism to work better and better or as well as it can.

There is a fantastic dynamic duo that will nourish and support your metabolism and more, Premium Nutrition Alive & Well™ and Premium Nutrition ThyroPrime™. Piggyback one onto the other for a synergistic one-two punch for your metabolism, energy, and more.

Rex Smith Says Take Together

Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, has taught us that when our thyroid starts getting the nourishment that it needs and as it gets stronger, then the adrenals need to become stronger to handle all that the body wants to do as it begins functioning better. The adrenals and the thyroid very much work together, and both need to be strong for the optimal functioning of our bodies.

Who Might Need These For Support

  • Supports the health of hair - do you have dry hair, hair loss?
  • Supports normal body temperature - have low body temperature?
  • Supports metabolism - slow metabolism?
  • Supports brain function and memory - do you have a poor memory?
  • Supports energy - do you have low energy?
*Suggested Best Use: Don’t take this dynamic duo 4 to 5 hours before bedtime, as it has natural energizing and vitalizing properties.*

Superior Kelp & Quality Selenium

ThyroPrime™ contains a superior kelp called bladderwrack, a good source of the trace mineral iodine. Iodine is crucial for thyroid function. It also contains, as part of the formula, a pure form of selenium, a mineral known to be crucial for the thyroid. This balanced, masterfully designed formula has only the highest-quality ingredients.

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