Homemade Syrup Plus Premium

Homemade Syrup Plus Premium

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Dec 8th 2022

Many people use raw apple cider vinegar and equal amounts of truly RAW honey as a homemade cough syrup. Try 2 tablespoons each in 8 oz warm water. Optional: Add fresh cut-up ginger as well.

Make sure you use true raw honey so you get all the nutrient-rich healing properties known to be in truly unprocessed honey.

Warning: Children under 12 months old should not be given honey.

Important: If using a processed form of honey, this could weaken your immune system because processed honey is akin to eating processed sugar. Stick with only truly certified sources of raw honey.

Only Rex Approved Brand

I spoke to Rex Smith this week, and he told me he still uses the brand Really Raw Honey around 3 times a week and said he has not found any other honey this good. This is still the only brand that is REX APPROVED honey.

Take With Premium Formulas

I know several people who use this homemade syrup, and, at the same time they take the syrup, they take some or all of these immune-strengthening formulas.

Nature's Wellness™ Capsules
Alive and Well™
BioLife C™
D3 Sunshine Plus™ & D3 Supreme™

Stay Immune Strong Everyone

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