Lower Calcium Did You Notice

Lower Calcium Did You Notice

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Feb 9th 2024

Everyone knows Vitamin C has been used for centuries to help support and keep immune systems strong. We think that the Premium Nutrition BioLife C is the best buffered vitamin C complex on the market, and it's gotten even better.

Less Calcium

For those who couldn't take BioLife C™ due to the calcium content, guess what? Good News! It has less calcium now per capsule. Most people get some calcium in their diet through vegetables and can tolerate the bits in vegetables. Now, with this lower amount of calcium per capsule in BioLife C™, it may just be possible for those few who couldn't take it to be able to take at least a capsule or two.

Experiment, and Listen to Your Body. Do you feel the same or better? Or worse in some way?

Premium Nutrition BioLife C Best Ever Vitamin C - All This Goodness In One Capsule:

  • Five forms of buffered vitamin C - gentle and more absorbable
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate C is a fat-soluble (liposomal) form of vitamin C - acts as antioxidant and stores in the body to be used when needed
  • Full Potency undiluted quality bioflavonoids - most on the market sold are diluted with sugar--BAD!
  • Minerals - quality minerals as part of this balancing and uplifting formula