More On Heart Flow

More On Heart Flow

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Mar 20th 2023

Kathie Online Review

I had been taking small amounts of Heart Flow (formerly CircuTone) & Deposit Free. When I increased Heart Flow and took it throughout the day, I noticed almost immediate improvement with discomfort and numbness in my hands.

I suffered severe damage to the nerves in both hands from a dog attack five years ago Doctors thought healing would take about six months. Physical therapy helped some, but I still could no longer unscrew lids well or pick up small things like change without fumbling. I tended to drop things more, and worse than that, after a couple of years, my hands would ache and become numb in the night, keeping me awake.

I was very surprised that these symptoms disappeared after increasing the Heart Flow. The discomfort and numbness are gone. I am also using my hands more this time of year with gardening, which used to make it worse. I'm very grateful for Heart Flow as well as the many other Premium Nutrition products.

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New Name

Premium Nutrition Heart Flow™ formerly called CircuTone™, has a new name to clarify better what this amazing formula will nourish and support. Nourishes and supports the heart, circulation, blood flow, and more.

Focus Blood Flow

Focusing only on a particular organ or area of the body can be short-sighted, as one needs to focus on supporting blood flow to all areas of the body.

Blood Is The River

The formulator of Heart Flow™ said two basics for health that the blood does for the body are:

1. Red blood cells in the blood and arteries carry oxygen to all cells and organs.

2. Blood is the “river” that carries nutrients to cells and organs.

Less blood flow equals less oxygen and nutrients going to the cells and organs.

Blood Delivers

Blood is a delivery system of oxygen and nutrients. Optimal blood flow is important for overall health. The normal function of the body is dependent on nutrients getting to cells and organs of the body.

Enter Heart Flow

Heart Flow™ supports your body in getting oxygen and nutrients to your cells and organs with better blood circulation.


It is recommended by the formulator not to take Heart Flow™ 4 to 5 hours before your bedtime because it has healthy, energizing qualities that support blood flow. You can take it in the morning and throughout the day and stop 4 to 5 hours before your bedtime. Listen to Your Body.

Enhances Other Formulas

This formula will enhance your Premium Nutrition and Rex Smith Nutrition formulas. When you get the blood flowing, nutrients can better reach the destinations they need to get to.

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