Quercetin Is Not A Good Choice

Quercetin Is Not A Good Choice

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on May 6th 2022

TIP from Rex Smith:
Several people have asked about Quercetin as a supplement for things like the immune system, allergies and so on.

Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, said, in no uncertain terms he recommends NEVER taking quercetin in any supplement form. He said quercetin is not good for you from supplements, and has messed many people up he knows, and with others just does not give the results claimed. He said there are better choices to use to get flavonoids that are much higher quality, formulas that are better for inflammation, for allergies, and immune system. See List below.

He also has taught us that research studies are often skewed and used to make people believe things that aren't really true. Remember just because something is claimed to show this or that in research, sometimes the studies are skewed, and being used to sell products, and many are not looking at long-term results. Rex says he is all about looking at the long-term results, fruit of the claims in real people over a long period of time.


Quercetin is considered a plant compound called flavonoids. All flavonoids act as antioxidants in your body and help support the body getting rid of free radicals. Flavonoids are also said to be an anti-inflammatory.

Some foods we all eat regularly these days that are known to have quercetin are: garlic, onions, kale and berries. (only good quality organic non-GMO sources please :-)

A few supplement suggestions in the Premium Nutrition line to consider are: