Quercetin Premium Style

Quercetin Premium Style

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on May 8th 2023

In a meeting last week, Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher said that several of our herbal formulas have naturally occurring quercetin. Rex doesn’t recommend quercetin from a source that isn’t from food or herbs. He said the quercetin supplements on the market have many downsides.

Did You Know? Several Premium Nutrition formulas have quercetin naturally occurring in the herbs and spices included in the formulas. (Alphabetic Order)

Advanced Wellness™
Alive & Well™
D3 Sunshine Plus™
Flex Motion™
Mountain Air™
Nature’s Wellness™
Sight Power™
Strong Bones Plus™
Think Again™
VitaVision 700™
WellGest™ Digestion
Zinc Plus™

What are some of the high-quality herbs and spices in the Premium formulas that have naturally occurring quercetin?

Camu Camu
Ginger – According to the National Library of Medicine, the results of a study indicate that quercetin is the main flavonoid component in ginger.1
Ginkgo Biloba
Green Tea2

Quercetin is a Flavonoid

We covered this not too long ago, but worth a reminder that Rex Smith recommends these three formulas for the high-quality flavonoid content, which he recommends as way better choices than quercetin supplements. He also recommends naturally occurring quercetin, as mentioned above in the Premium Nutrition formulas and high-quality foods with naturally occurring quercetin.

Premium Nutrition BioLife C™

Premium Nutrition D3 Sunshine Plus™

Premium Nutrition Mountain Air™

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1 Identification and Concentration of Some Flavonoid Components in Malaysian Young Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) Varieties by a High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method - PMC (nih.gov)
2Quercetin and Green Tea Extract Supplementation Downregulates Genes Related to Tissue Inflammatory Responses to a 12-Week High Fat-Diet in Mice - PMC (nih.gov)