Superpower Vision Trio

Superpower Vision Trio

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Feb 1st 2023

Randy Scott Online Review

I have been using this product for years now and believe it is the reason my eyes are healthy for a 65+ year-old male. I have also been using Sight Power for years with VitaVision 700, and it has impacted my eyesight for the better.

Darlene M. Said

A long-time customer, Darlene, said she started taking Lutein Supreme with VitaVision 700 and Sight Power. In just a few weeks time, she noticed she could read her small print Bible she hadn't been able to read for years. She was very excited!

Results Not Claims

Premium Nutrition VitaVision 700™ and Premium Nutrition Sight Power™ have been on the market for 23+ years.

In all that time, we have heard many testimonies about real-life results of Premium Nutrition formulas for eyes and vision. Actual results that made real lives better and sometimes beyond amazing results were achieved. Not just claims but actual results over and over again.

Quality Verus Inferior

Quality pure ingredients cost more to purchase, and Premium Nutrition does not ever buy inferior quality ingredients to make more money, they buy the materials with the quality they must use to make a formula that actually delivers results.

We Care About Our Vision

A loss of eyesight is a genuine concern many people are dealing with for various reasons these days. Nobody I know wants to lose their vision. The loss of sight for some would mean they couldn't work at their current jobs, and life would be much more challenging and less enjoyable without our vision.

Sacrifices Being Made

I know many of you, myself included, have made sacrifices to afford the things we need to support us with our health challenges. Formulas we have purchased from Premium Nutrition and RSN have made a real difference in our lives. We are very grateful for the products that actually work that have made our lives better, healthier, and stronger.

Over the years, people have told me some very creative ideas for saving money to be able to afford things they need. Ideas like giving up going out to eat, not paying for extra streaming services, and some said even driving older cars, not opting for newer models, and many other great and very creative ideas.

What is this Superpower Vision Trio we're excited about?

Premium Nutrition VitaVision 700™

If you can, try piggybacking these three formulas together at the same time to get the synergistic effect, which boosts the powerfulness of all three.

Focus Special Premium VitaVision 700™

  • Helps maintain healthy vision throughout life
  • Supports balanced fluid pressure within the eyeball
  • Helps maintain clear lenses
  • Enables the retina of the eye to remain strong and healthy
  • Nourishes the macula of the eye
  • Supports the health of the liver
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • A great source of trace minerals

Reminder: What is Lutein?

Lutein is considered an antioxidant in the carotenoid family, known for its ability to nourish the macula and retina of the eye.

What Does Lutein Support

  • Eyes - nourishes the macula and retina
  • Brain - nourishes neural pathways
  • Heart - nourishes blood vessels and arteries
  • Skin - antioxidants that fight free radicals which youthifys skin
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Remember:VitaVision 700™ has natural energizing properties, so best suggested use is not to take 4 to 5 hours before your bedtime.

You can try taking Sight Power™ and Lutein Supreme™ before bed.

Please do continue to take all three together all throughout the day as needed, from morning through the afternoon time.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.