Magnesium Calcium Zinc

Magnesium Calcium Zinc

Posted by H. Marchant on Jul 30th 2022

Since You Asked: Customers have asked recently, do I need to worry about if I am taking my Premium Nutrition Zinc Plus™ at the same time as my Premium Nutrition Magnesiums and or my Premium LifeCal™ Calcium?

Can I take them together or not? Does it make them ineffective to take them together? Good News, it is rarely ever a problem to take them together.


No Zinc Plus Now Craving Sugar

One 24 year customer told me she hadn't been taking her Zinc Plus™ lately and has been craving sugar. I asked her why she wasn't taking her Zinc Plus™ anymore, and she told me, she keeps getting confused and thought she can't take it with her magnesium or calcium, plus she has to take it with food, so she just wasn't taking it because it was too complicated. Full stop, not taking it at all is a far worse problem than mixing them together.

Taking Premium BioLife C

I asked her if she takes Premium Nutrition BioLife Ccapsules. She said yes, so I pointed out all three of those ingredients (magnesium, calcium, and zinc) are in one capsule of the BioLife™. Many foods we eat every day have mixes of all those nutrients together. The rules for not taking those together ONLY apply if someone was taking really high therapeutic doses of things, and most people are not doing this, and don't need to worry about mixing these together. It's really more important to get the nutrients in you and not worry about, or feel stressed about mixing those nutrients. Or even worse yet, not taking all the supplements you need.

Zinc Magnesium & Calcium Bedtime

I personally take all three together at bedtime, and they are all definitely absorbing just fine. Yes, you read that right, I do take some of my daily dose of Zinc Plus™ before bed; zinc can help people sleep. It helps me fall right asleep when I'm taking some Zinc Plus™, Vitamin D3, LifeCal™, MagPlus™, and melatonin right before bed. If I don't have one of those in the quantities I need before bed, I notice a difference in sleep.

Do The Experiment If

I will say this though, I know one man who needs 20 MagPlus™ capsules daily right now, and for him, I would say, do an experiment. If you take those together or separate, how does your body respond?

It is rare to need that many capsules of MagPlus™ a day, so don't be scared. This man has some severe health challenges and is burning more magnesium than most people. For him, an experiment of taking his zinc and calcium separate from his MagPlus™ is worth trying to see what happens. Unlikely though it shows any significant differences.

Other People Taking Higher Doses Can Mix

I know a few other people taking higher doses of one of the three, and they have told me they didn't notice any change in effectiveness when taking all three of them together. So, experiment, but in the end, it's better to get your supplements in you daily, and I would say, for most people they do not need to worry at all about mixing these at the same time.

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