Mega 12 Get In The Driver's Seat

Mega 12 Get In The Driver's Seat

Posted by Holly Marchant on May 7th 2022

As Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, says, are you in the driver’s seat of your cravings? Or do cravings for sugar, sweets, and carbs like bread, pasta, and so on, do they drive you?

These supplements are very important to get in the driver’s seat with cravings and blood sugar issues:

Driver's Seat

Helps stop cravings, supports blood sugar, nerves, brain, and more, Premium Nutrition Mega 12™ B12 & Chromium.

Chromium Is A Must Have For Blood Sugar

Chromium is a trace mineral that the body must have for normal blood sugar. The body uses chromium to improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar. It helps with the digestion of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Too Much Sugar Equals Bad Fat

When you better metabolize sugar, bad fat will often be lower. Too much sugar turns into bad fat in the body. Think of sugar turning into bad fat in the liver. Not good.

Damaged Arteries

Did you know? Too much insulin can damage arteries. Lowering your insulin and blood sugar is better support for your arteries.

Less Oxidative Damage

Getting blood sugar under control means less sugar in the blood which means less oxidative damage to the body. Any reduction of bad guys in the body is positive for supporting health.

98% Need This

Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, says chromium is very hard to get enough of, if any, out of food anymore. He said 98% of people need Mega 12™ B12 & Chromium.

More Energy Naturally With Blood Sugar Control

Rex said, when you get your blood sugar under control you have more energy. You will have more energy because your body isn’t in endless cycles of stress, doing all sorts of work to try to get blood sugar under control, fighting to do what it needs to do, but often cannot because it does not have the nutrients it needs to accomplish this.

Take Morning Noon Dinner & Bedtime

Rex said Premium Nutrition Mega 12™ is very important to take in the morning and during the day for energy and to help keep cravings under control so you can make better choices. He also said that our blood sugar plummets in the wee hours of the morning, like 2 am to 4 am, so many people would be wise to take some Mega 12™ before bedtime.

Safe for Children Too

Mega 12™ is safe for grade school children through adults.

Reduce Temptations

Rex Smith suggested you take Mega 12™ before you go out to dinner or go to a family gathering that involves food to help you make good choices with food and beverages.

Still Want To Eat After Full

Rex said, when some people eat a large meal and still feel hungry, that is their body not needing more food, but often your body lets you know you didn’t get all the nutrients you needed to make you feel satisfied. For some people, taking enough Mega 12™ can help with those continued hunger signals even after eating. Take Mega 12™ before or with meals to help stop this problem. For some, it could be other missing blood sugar nutrients, experiment and see what helps you feel satiated.

How Many Can We Take

Most people take 2 to 6 capsules per day. You can take more, some people we know do. Experiment and Listen to Your Body. If you feel the same when you up your dose, this may indicate you need more; if you feel better you may have hit your dose. If at any time you feel worse, back off your dose.

High Dose Pure B12 No Binders

A quick mention of the high-quality B12 in the Mega 12™. Premium uses the very absorbable pre-converted form of vitamin B12, methylcobalamin, and they buy only the highest-quality pure form with nothing else bound to it; it works better than anything we have ever seen. Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, says all other B12 supplements have added bad binders to the B12; and the companies do not have to list the binders on the label. Premium Nutrition Mega 12™ and Premium Nutrition Vital B™ are the best ways to get your B12 needs met.

Suzi From Puyallup, WA says:

We are really excited about the numbers on my husband’s blood sugar. They have been staying in the normal range using Mega 12™ capsules and the Vital B™ capsules.

WOW! what a blessing. Even the doctor up at the V.A. Hospital is impressed. His numbers have been staying in the low 100’s and he is really happy.

Marlyn From Mt. Vernon WA Says:

I called Healthy Way and asked what I could do to keep my blood sugar stabilized. They told me that a lot of their customers had benefited from combining Mega12™ capsules with Vital B™ capsules. That intrigued me so I thought I would try it too.

It is really working. I had tried other things before using this combination, and Vital B™ and Mega 12™ capsules have made all the difference in the world.

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