Power of Synergy

Power of Synergy

Posted by Healthy Way Inc on Feb 27th 2023

Here is a testimony that illustrates the power of synergy. Combining Premium Nutrition and Rex Smith Nutrition formulas targeting specific body parts can make them more powerful.

Better & More Directly

For instance, both Premium Nutrition Sight Power™ and Premium Nutrition VitaVision 700™ are specifically designed by a doctor with ingredients that nourish and support the eyes better and more directly.*


Piggyback Formulas

When you add a complimentary formula like Lutein Supreme™ or Vital B™ with the masterfully designed Premium Nutrition eye formulas, you can piggyback those nutrients onto the eye formulas to better target them, supporting your eye health.

B12 & Vision Nerve Support

Vital B™ is made with ingredients that nourish nerves, and we have an optic nerve in the eye that needs B12. So when taking Vital B™ with Sight Power™ and or VitaVision 700™, you will get more focused B12 to the eyes.*

Evelyn Her Vision Journey

Evelyn, a 26-plus-year customer, said we could share this story. She has many Premium true stories, but we will focus on her experience with her eyes. Evelyn turned 91 in December of 2022.


Back in 2021, for the first time, Evelyn encountered something stressful (that many others were experiencing during that time), but she recovered well. At age 89, her doctors were amazed she didn’t need any medical treatment. Unfortunately, a month after she recovered from this stress on her system, she experienced trouble with her vision, which really scared her.

She Decided To Fight

Evelyn decided to fight this, so she focused very heavily on replenishing the nutrients she had lost from all the stress her body had recently endured.

Focused On Certain Formulas

She focused on formulas like VitaVision 700™, Sight Power™, Vital B™, Alive & Well™, BioLife C™, healthy salt (she is a salt burner), and Inflasera™into her daily wellness routine. She also continued to take her other regular formulas.

Positive Results Within Weeks

By supplementing with essential nutrients for eye health, Evelyn experienced positive results within a few weeks. She was so thankful and excited! WOW!

2022 Broken Thigh Trauma

Fast forward to 2022. Evelyn is the lady we’ve mentioned in previous articles who was walking her dog and was hit by a car, which broke one of her thigh bones. She healed well but again struggled with her vision off and on throughout the rest of the year.

Nutrients Depleted Quickly

The nutrients in her body depleted quickly as she experienced stress and injury to her bone. As she recovered from surgery, her body continued to absorb nutrients to support her bone health. Once again, she felt that her vision was not being supported like it was before the hit-and-run.

Added Lutein Supreme

In November of 2022, she added the new formula from Rex Smith Nutrition, Lutein Supreme™, and noticed a tiny improvement in her eye health.


More Stress Comes

At the beginning of 2023, Evelyn had some other personal stress and again experienced trouble with her vision. She said she was praying and crying out to God because, nutrient-wise, she couldn’t afford more supplements. She was taking many nutrients. She felt like giving up.

January Radio Program 2023

Then she said she heard Rex Smith interviewing someone on the radio who received results with vision by taking Sight Power™. And then, when she took VitaVision 700™ with the Sight Power™, the results accelerated quickly. This gave her hope.

She Got Excited & Tried Synergy

Evelyn said Rex emphasized it was a good idea to take VitaVision 700™ and Sight Power™ together. She hadn’t heard that for some reason ever before. She had been taking the vision formulas at separate times for years. She was excited to combine all her vision supplements during the day simultaneously and continued taking two Sight Power™ alone before bed.

Recap: After the program in January of 2023, she started taking all of the eye nutrients together throughout the day for the first time, plus her normal formulas (which I won’t include). She shared that she has experienced positive results in just a few weeks time.

The most amazing part is that all she did was start taking things together purposefully throughout the day, WOWZA! That’s the power of synergy, everyone!

Here is what she purposefully took together for her vision:

Sight Power™
VitaVision 700™
Vital B™
BioLife C™
Lutein Supreme™

Results Will Vary

There is no guarantee this will happen with others, and she could have another stretch of stress and experience vision trouble again. But right now, her vision is on the right track, and she is very grateful.

Use Targeted Formulas & Piggyback

We share this story to encourage you to take key targeted formulas together to see if you can gain even more benefit than you are already experiencing.

If you can’t afford both eye formulas, this is important: you can take Sight Power™ and VitaVision 700™ as stand-alone formulas. Both formulas have had excellent results when taken alone and even more exciting results when taken together.*

Try Other Powerful Combinations

Try using the power of synergy with other combinations. For example, for the brain, try Premium Nutrition Think Again™ with Vital B™, Zinc Plus™, and add the new Rex Smith Nutrition Brain Supreme™ Phosphatidylserine.

VitaVision 700™ can be taken in the morning, noon, and afternoon, but don’t take it 4 to 5 hours before bedtime.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The views and nutritional advice expressed are not intended for the purpose of providing medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare practitioner if you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions. Individual results may vary.