Bone Support

Bone Support

Posted by Holly Marchant on Jun 25th 2022

People always ask what we recommend to support bone and teeth health. It takes more than calcium and magnesium for good bone support.

Bone Support

Her Premium Story

I recently talked to a longtime customer, Evelyn, who has been buying and using Premium Nutrition formulas for over 26 years, and she is 90 years in age. She said I could share her story.

Hit & Run

Sadly, Evelyn was recently hit by a car while walking her dog, and to top it off, the driver fled the scene and left her alone and hurt. Shocking, angering even, isn't it? One of her femur (thigh) bones was broken, but thankfully, she is recovering well.

Vitals Bones Blood ALL Excellent

The incredible thing is that all her doctors are amazed that she is doing so well at 90 years of age; they said she has NO osteoporosis, and her oxygen and her vitals, blood work, etc., were and continue to be excellent.

Surprised & Puzzled

Evelyn is taking no prescription medicines except thyroid, which surprised and puzzled the doctors she said. Her medical teams repeatedly told her that they could not believe how well she was doing.

Some People Asking

Evelyn told them a little about her great Premium supplements and good eating practices, the exercise of walking and gardening, but the doctors didn’t seem very interested, so she decided to stop sharing with the medical team from then on. But guess what? The people living in her community are asking questions about how she made it through being hit by a car.

Recommendations Bone Support

LifeMag™ & MagPlus Magnesium - Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, says this is the #1 thing to support new bone growth.

Because magnesium is essential for bone growth, it would be wise to figure out how much magnesium you really need (and sometimes you need to combine the different ones to get all you need).

Click > Learn How To Find Magnesium & Calcium Balance

LifeCal™ Calcium5 different kinds of high-quality calcium, carefully chosen and properly bonded and put together.

Sunshine Plus™ D3, Boron & MoreD3 and the trace mineral boron are very important in bone growth and maintaining bone.

Review > article on trace mineral Why Take Boron

Strong Bones™ Plus – a superior source of the trace mineral silica, and also contains other trace minerals which are essential for bones and teeth.

Review > Rex Smith article on Strong Bones Plus

Vitamin K-2 - is often mistaken for vitamin K-1 which is known to come from predominantly leafy greens and supports blood clotting.

Why Vitamin K-2

Why do you need Vitamin K-2? Vitamin K-2 supports the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and even vitamin D3. It is very important to have vitamin K-2, because it helps support the body in directing the calcium you eat or supplement with, to go to the right places in the body. The right places you want calcium to go is bones and teeth, for example, and NOT in places like your arteries, kidneys, joints, and so on.

Alive and Well™ capsules supports adrenals, and adrenals help support hormones, which are needed for making new bone. Also, it takes energy to make new bone, Alive and Well™ helps support energy for the body to do the processes it is designed to do.

Zinc Plus™ - zinc helps make hormones and is part of bone tissue.

BioLife C™ - helps make collagen, which is the primary protein in bone.

LYSINYL L-Lysinesupports bone growth.

Collagen – is the primary protein in bone tissue.

Essential Two Liquid - a liquid source of silica and other trace minerals.

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