D3 Sunshine Plus Balanced

D3 Sunshine Plus Balanced

Posted by Healthy Way Inc. on Sep 2nd 2023

Here is what real customers at askhealthyway.com posted in the Reviews online for Premium Nutrition D3 Sunshine Plus™

Jill Posted

Sunshine plus is the only reason why I don't feel down in the winter. I love this product, but not because it makes a huge difference while I take it it's because when I miss it for several days, I get into a very low slump in mood, which is not myself. As long as I take one or two caps daily, I feel myself and can go about my day without any emotional downs.

PM Posted

Doctors Amazement. I had a really hard time getting my vitamin D level up to something respectable, it was quite low. My doctor tried several things over time, but nothing worked. I tried Sunshine Plus for six weeks and went back. After a blood test, my doctor was absolutely amazed and asked what I had done, and I told him. He said, “don’t stop taking that“, I haven’t, and that was many years ago.

Balanced D3

Supports Bone & Teeth

People often ask what we recommend to support bone and teeth health. It takes more than calcium and magnesium for good bone support.

Recommended Bone Support

LifeMag™ & MagPlus™ Magnesium - Rex Smith, Nutrition Researcher, says this is the #1 thing to support new bone growth.

LifeCal™ CalciumMultiple kinds of high-quality calcium, carefully chosen and properly bonded and put together.

Sunshine Plus™ D3, Boron & MoreD3 and the trace mineral boron are vital in bone growth and maintaining bone.

Review the Trace Mineral Article Why Take Boron

Strong Bones™ Plus – a superior source of the trace mineral silica, and also contains other trace minerals which are essential for bones and teeth.

Review the Rex Smith Article on Strong Bones Plus

Vitamin K-2 - is often mistaken for vitamin K-1. Vitamin K-2 is the one that is very important for bone support.

Why Vitamin K-2

Why do we need Vitamin K-2? Vitamin K-2 supports the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and even vitamin D3. It is very important to have vitamin K-2 because it helps support the body in directing the calcium you eat or supplement with to go to the right places in the body. The right places you want calcium to go is bones and teeth, for example, and NOT in places like your arteries, kidneys, joints, and so on.

Alive & Well™ capsules support adrenals, and adrenals help support hormones needed for making new bone. Also, it takes energy to make new bone; Alive & Well™ helps support energy for the body to do the processes it is designed to do.

Zinc Plus™ - zinc helps make hormones and is part of bone tissue.

BioLife C™ - helps make collagen, which is the primary protein in bone.

L-Lysine- supports bone growth.

Collagen is the primary protein in bone tissue.

Click Here To Bone Support Supplements

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